Life Groups

Life Groups are a home for you and your family. We believe that following Jesus is a community

lifestyle and is essential for strength, growth and joy. This goes way beyond meeting once

a week for food and discussion. This is about truly living LIFE with one another.

Sunday Worship

Every weekend is an opportunity to hang out and worship together. We currently meet every

Sunday @ 9:00a & 11:00a. You can also join us online via Facebook or YouTube.

If it's your FIRST TIME joining us, here's what you can expect.

What To Expect

Bridge Store

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These are principles that we EMBODY as a community. We want to always create an atmosphere and culture

that aligns with Jesus, which we believe each of these does. While not done perfectly, we will strive

to keep our eyes on these ideals, understanding the importance and impact they hold.

  • He is the purpose and reason behind everything we do.

  • We love people without restriction or reservation.

  • We put everything we have into all that we do, understanding we're ultimately working for Him.

  • We believe that a life for Christ is to be lived with joy and hope, which is something we seek regardless of the season.

  • The church is only on mission if everyone is playing their God-given part.