Here's what you can expect when coming on Sunday. We can't wait to connect and worship with you.

First Time Visitor

- VIP Parking.

- A friendly face ready to assist you.

- Coffee available.

- 25-30 minutes of lively worship music.

- 30-35 minutes of an applicable lesson.

- Time to connect with others after service.

*Provide your contact information and we'll engage you at whatever level you desire.

Bridge Kidz

When you arrive, go to an available CHECK IN station. It

will ask for your information as well as your child's. Upon

completion, it will allow you to check in and print out

a sticker with your child's ID number. You will receive

a return ticket which will be required in order to

check your child out (for safety and security).

We strive to create a fun and safe environment for your

awesome kiddos. They can expect to play games, 

get to know other kids, and learn more about

Jesus. Our dedicated volunteers will protect and

care for your children as if they were their own.


Here's the classroom breakdown:


Newborn - 2yrs


3yrs - 1st Gr


2nd Gr - 4th Gr



5th Gr - 8th Gr

*after 11a worship