Life Groups are an essential part of the Bridge as they provide a place for deeper relationships and better support for one another. We use this forum to discuss Godly principles, as well as personal struggles that each one of us encounter. 

We believe this is the life-blood of the Bridge as we connect and grow together as Christ followers.


Whether you want to learn more about God, get to know other people or just get out of the house for a night, you need

to be a part of a Connect Group. It's an awesome opportunity that you don't want to miss.


We are a group of Ladies who are passionate about loving God and encouraging one another. We spread light, joy, 

passion and knowledge no matter where we go.

As wives, mothers and friends, we want to be the example for those around us. While the pressures of every day life

can easily rise against us, we will stand strong in Christ.

We can't wait to see what God has in store for you.


We are a group of men who are serious about being the spiritual leaders of our homes and setting the tone for our

families every day. Along this journey, we recognize that we need direction and help to be the best leaders we can be.

The Men's Group is dedicated to providing this avenue and strengthening our men from the inside out. Join us as we

learn together, grow together and have some fun in the process.