We value giving generously and joyfully. 

We believe God is a generous God. Deep within the Bridge Church is an understanding that all good things are from God, and much joy is found in the sharing of those good things. We believe there is no better place to invest our time, energy, and finances than the local church.

Together we are striving to be a church family that is radically generous towards Jesus, His Church, and His world. This means we strive to be equally passionate about both meeting the ministry needs of our church family as well as blessing people beyond our church family. 

We invite you to explore a couple of the ways you can give with us at The Bridge. 

Click the big "give" picture above or here to make a one time gift, or to set up recurring gifts.

Other ways to Give...

- Sunday's during offering or in the "Give" box

- Mail a gift

*All gifts are tax deductible



We would like to give you the opportunity to join us as we serve those who are in need.  We prepare lunches for men, women and children who are hungry and without a home.  Among those that we feed are our military veterans as well.  We have found that in our efforts to give that we have been blessed far beyond what we have ever given!


Isaac's Miracle exists to assist families with special needs children who have private insurance, with needs that insurance will not cover and no other charities are able to assist with. It is our goal to fill that gap and provide the support and assistance that is lacking. Isaac's family has experienced first hand how detrimental things such as aqua therapy or assistive technology can be to a special needs child. When insurance will not cover those items it is unaffordable and places the family in a difficult situation. Certain therapies can mean the difference in surgery or no surgery for a child with orthopedic impairments. It is our vision to eliminate the burden of those decisions for these families by being able to provide the means for such needs.

Join us as we support Isaac's Miracle!

Visit Isaac's Miracle



Angels’ Arms is dedicated to providing and supporting loving homes for foster children by keeping brothers and sisters together within a nurturing family until a forever home is found.


Foster children deserve the chance to be children, to be part of a family, and to live up to their potential. To achieve this, Angels’ Arms provides homes, resources and emotional support to experienced foster parents so that they can raise the standard of care for foster children. Angels’ Arms strives to keep sibling groups together, and partners with foster parents, community supporters, organizations and other non-profits to provide a loving home environment and help our children become successful citizens. Angels’ Arms will become the national, knowledgeable authority to which decision makers turn for counsel about foster children and their needs.

Join us as we support Angels' Arms.