Want to dive deeper into knowledge, wisdom and understanding? 

Feel like you keep settling for shallow relationship while

sacrificing spiritual depth?

These classes are for you!

There are currently three separate classes taking place, all around

improving our knowledge of God and our relationship with Him. 

Each topic is meant to draw us closer to Him, while also challenging

us to think beyond the parameters that we might be used to. 

The three separate classes cover the following:

1. Word of God

Scripture is the foundation of everything that we do

as people of God, therefore we must do our best

to understand what it is and why we believe it. 

2. Character of God

True relationship is only possible with true

understanding. Our relationship with Him, 

affections for Him and desire to worship

all increase as we better understand

who He truly is.

3. Prayer

Communication is key to any and every

relationship, therefore we must understand

why and how we communicate with our

heavenly Father.

Sign up today and take advantage of these wonderful opportunities

to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God. We look

forward to connecting with you, as we collectively connect with