We Believe in WORSHIP

We were created to worship God in all aspects of life. This is not simply boiled down to

clapping of hands, singing of songs, but rather a way of life that is poured out for His purposes. 

LIVING for Him

Every moment of every day is to be seen under the umbrella of God's goodness and grace. Following Jesus

is not simply an add-on to the rest of our lives, it's the very identity of who we are. Loving people, praying, 

reading Scripture, helping those in need... these are not simply things we do, but our true lifestyle.

Life Groups are FOR YOU

Life Groups are not simply a night each week to grow and learn, but a true COMMUNITY to live life

with. It's abundantly clear that God has designed us for relationship, not isolation. Due to

this, we prioritize Life Groups to ensure we're protected, encouraged, and restored.