Lead/Senior Pastor

Steve & Crystal Thacker

Vision: Create a culture and environment that welcomes those who don't know Christ, in hopes that they will give their lives to Him and be used for His purpose.

Passion: Spreading the gospel and loving on people.

Associate Pastor

Devin & Tarah Thacker

Vision: Prioritize the worship of God, while connecting with others in a way that eliminates any and all divides.

Passion: Enthusiastic worship and getting everyone involved in God's plan.

Associate Pastor

Dustin & Jena Thacker

Vision: Making true disciples of all God's people, while creating a family atmosphere that everyone wants to enjoy and experience.

Passion: Increasing biblical knowledge within the church and experiencing true joy through life with Christ.

Bridge Kidz

Ministry Directors: Chris and Jenna Parrish


Vision: Create an excellent experience for our children, including innovative teaching methods and Christ-centered curriculum.


Passion: Caring for our most precious assets; our kiddos.

Greater Than Me

Ministry Director: Courtney Capizzi


Vision: Reach the needs of our community in every way possible, including penetrating every part with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Passion: Caring for those who need it most, and seeing new people introduced to Christ.

Guest Services

Ministry Director: Jena Thacker


Vision: Create an atmosphere of love and warmth, while also being the subject matter experts for all things "Bridge".


Passion: Excellence throughout the Sunday experience, especially in regards to those who are new to the experience.

Link Groups

Ministry Directors: Sam and Sue Edwards


Vision: Create life-long relationships that carry you through the ups and downs of life, much like the Acts 2 church experienced.


Passion: Loving people well and being generous to those who need it most.

Prayer Team

Ministry Directors: Zack and Lauren Lokey


Vision: Fill heaven with prayers for the Bridge Church family and community.


Passion: Showing people that they all exist for a reason and ensuring church is a vibrant experience for all.

Production Team

Ministry Director: Jeremiah Sisney


Vision: Create an excellent atmosphere for quality music and genuine worship.


Passion: All things tech; including audio, visual and digital.

Volunteer Team

Ministry Director: Tarah Thacker


Vision: Show every volunteer the love and value that they deserve, while investing in them for personal growth and development.


Passion: Loving on people and showing that they have a place at the table.

Worship Team

Ministry Director: Ethan King


Vision: Sustained success is a group of people who love one another and authentically worship God regardless of who is watching.


Passion: Creating vibrant music and implementing innovative ways to do so.